Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ashley Battersby Park City 2010 - Ski Videos - Skiing's Online Community -

Good news on the Ashley Battersby front! Check out this video of her last few days at Park City!

Ashley Battersby Park City 2010 - Ski Videos - Skiing's Online Community -

She seems to have a busy Summer ahead of her as well! Ashley is currently working with a trainer to get ready for The Open in New Zealand! Very cool! Ashley will also be spending some time coaching in Windells this summer.

.....AND as if the girl isn't busy enough, Ashley is working on creating her own Hoody Line!!! We at Bendis are thinking it's pretty safe to say our girl is "On Fire". We look forward to watching her every move as she continues to make Bendis (and everybody) Proud!  

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our First Press Release introducing Tommie Bennett

Bendis Sports Skin Care  signs Tommie Bennett.

Bendis Skin announced today that it has become an official sponsor of Tommie Bennett, an Edwards, Co. star snowboarder and USASA  Boardercross Champion. Bennett will promote Bendis Skin Care products and says “If I am on my snowboard, it’s a good day”. Linda Geldermann, CEO of Bendis Skin Care, said she is excited to have Bennett on the Bendis Team because he is such an inspiration to young athletes everywhere.

Bennett suffered a severe injury in 2006 that sidelined him from competition for several seasons, yet he has continued to fight back and never lost his drive and desire to compete. Geldermann said, “Tommie represents the essence of Bendis Skin Care through his hard work and determination.”

Bendis Sports Skin Care offers a complete line of fantastic products for athletes.  They have been specifically designed to enhance and protect an athlete’s skin, which is exposed to extreme stress brought on from the rough and physical athletic environment.  Whether you are a high-level athlete competing in a sport or someone who is working out at their local gym, the sweat and grime build up following strenuous activity if not treated is what causes acne and skin irritations.

Bendis Skin is proud to join other sponsors in supporting Tommie: 
Salomon Snowboards, Bonfire Outerwear, Oakley Goggles, Chaos Hats,
BoardRoom  Avon , Gso-clothing, Ravinos Clothing Company.

Bendis Sports Skin Care products can be purchased at: 

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Queen's Cup

Bendis loved watching our main girl, Ashley Battersby, in the Queens Cup at Park City 
this past weekend! Once again, she did us proud! Bendis was lucky ONCE again this year to be one of the sponsors of this annual event. The competition got underway around noon on Sunday. The teams each got to ski two runs together through the park. The Queens Cup is an all women’s event that gives many athletes of all levels the chance to shine. It brings Girl Power to a whole new level. Of course Bendis rooted them on all weekend as they sampled various Bendis Skin care products! Our stickers and our ever popular (and main selling item) face and body sports skincare wipes were in high demand. Go Ashley and all the other women who competed in this event! 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There's so much to say!!!!!

There is so much to brag about over the past year with Bendis and our athletes! Where does one even start? Sure, we could make a list and call it a day, but that wouldn't be much fun now would it? With our increased sales nationally and internationally, Bendis is at the top of the skincare game. And our athletes? Their successes have put them at the top of their game too! 

We have watched the likes of Ashley Battersby, Mark Welgos, Scott Hoffman and Tommie Bennett (just to name a few for now) take skiing/snowboarding to a new level. We are so excited to play such a huge part in the adventures of these talented athletes.  Whether it was Ashley placing fourth in the XGames or win a Bronze medal in the Euro XGames, sponsoring Scott and Mark through their continuous competitions or watching Tommie continue to prove he is top notch, Bendis has been behind them the whole way! Our pure enthusiasm for these athletes has led to the creation of Team Bendis. 

Who would have guessed that a little idea of skincare designed for outdoor athletes containing free-radical fighting broccoli extracts would lead to so much! 

As we par-take in The Queens Cup again this year, there is sure to be much more to fill you in on. Stay tuned as we bring you all the highlights and excitement of past, present and future events! 

Oh...and check us out in ESPN Magazine! Go Bendis! 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome To Bendis Skin Care

We're glad to have you join our blog!

Check back frequently for new items, updates and news. 

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